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Can I gift a course or a specialization?

Yes, you can. Just buy the course(s) or specialization(s) and you will get all the access key(s) that you can give to a person of your choice.

What is Premium Membership?

By becoming a Premium Member you will gain access to all courses in our library, including the ones that we may publish in the future!

Do I get lifetime access to your online courses?

Yes! You will also always have access to the latest versions of our courses as we may add new content or update existing content.

Can I re-take a quiz in case I fail?

Yes, you can! You can re-take any quiz as many times as you wish.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes! When you complete an online course, you will receive a Certificate of completion (PDF) that you can print out yourself, or order an original copy which we will send to your address.

The PDF certificate has a unique QR code printed on it which can be scanned to verify the authenticity of the certificate.

What is the difference between a certificate and a diploma?

When you complete a course, you get a certificate of completion. When you complete all the courses included in a specialization program, you get a diploma with a complete list and a description of all the courses that you had to complete to get the diploma.

You can print your certificates and diplomas yourself or order an original copy to be sent to your address.

How can I get listed in the Coach Directory?

The Coach Directory is currently under development. It will be available for free to all members of the Coaching Standards Institute. Find out more about membership options.

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