Time Management

Time Management

Tempus fugit. Yes, time flies. And it’s like many of us just can’t win the race against time, no matter how hard we try. The tasks are just piling up, and every day there is less time, particularly free time. Does that sound familiar?

In this quick online course you'll learn how to manage time more efficiently and make sure not only to meet your deadlines but also find some free time to enjoy with your friends and family.

Upon finishing this course you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion (PDF).

Table of contents

Module 1: Introduction

About this course article
Time management: what everyone should know e-book
Tempus fugit article

Module 2: Loss of time

Multitasking lesson
Disorganization lesson
Procrastination lesson
Inability to say "no" lesson
Time thieves lesson
Module 2 review video
Loss of time quiz

Module 3: Finding time

Indispensable tools lesson
Assessing activities lesson
Time planning lesson
Big cleanup lesson
Processing lesson
Information management lesson
Developing good habits lesson
Module 3 review video
Finding time quiz


Certificate of completion pdf
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