Organisational Skills

Organisational Skills

We all at times misplace - or lose - something. Sometimes you even find things in places where you would least expect them to be. "How did this end up here?", you wonder. If this happens to you often, it is time to do something about it!

n this quick online course you'll learn how to organize your work environment, documents on the computer and in physical folders. If you follow our practical advice, your office will soon become more organized, and you and your team more productive, with more free time and - less stress.

Upon finishing this course you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion (PDF).

Table of contents

Module 1: Introduction

About this course article
Organisational skills: what everyone should know e-book
Ready to get organized? article

Module 2: Getting organized

Creation of clutter lesson
What is clutter lesson
Clearing the clutter lesson
Decluttering diagram lesson
Organizing your workspace lesson
Organizing documents lesson
Module 2 review video
Getting organized quiz

Module 3: Getting into the habit

Maintaining organisation lesson
Asset tracking lesson
Archiving lesson
Module 3 review video
Getting into the habit quiz


Certificate of completion pdf
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