Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Are you ready to communicate better? Even though we communicate on a daily basis in several different ways, it sometimes seems as if we don't do it as effectively as we would like to. What is it that we are doing wrong in everyday business communication? How can we do it better?

We have prepared a quick online course to take you through basic forms of business communication, including presentation and business meetings. Most principles mentioned in this course can be applied in your everyday life as well!

Upon finishing this course you will receive a printable Certificate of Completion (PDF).

Table of contents

Module 1: Introduction

About this course article
Communication skills: what everyone should know e-book
Introduction article

Module 2: Business communication

Listen carefully lesson
Watch closely lesson
Communication channels lesson
Internet in business communication lesson
Module 2 review video
Business communication quiz

Module 3: Presentation skills

Nightmare of pleasure? lesson
Preparing the material lesson
Creating a presentation lesson
Practicing the presentation lesson
Preparing to deliver the presentation lesson
Module 3 review video
Presentation skills quiz

Module 4: Business meetings

Oh, these meetings! lesson
Preparing the meetings lesson
Conducting the meetings lesson
Concluding the meetings lesson
Module 4 review video
Business meetings quiz


Certificate of completion pdf
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